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Nepal’s Paras Khadka resigns from the captaincy role one day after ICC lifts suspension

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After leading the team for over a decade, Paras Khadka of Nepal Cricket Team has resigned from his post earlier today. Khadka had been the team’s captain for quite a long time and has achieved success in his game for the team. He had been the only Nepal cricketer to have hit ODI and Test centuries in international cricket.

Meanwhile, Khadka had been the first ever captain to lead Nepal to their victory in ODI series over UAE. Recently, International Cricket Council has reinstated Nepal on a conditional basis from the 2016 suspension. The team was suspended in regards of the breach of ICC regulations in 2016, which prohibit government interference and require free and fair elections.

Paras Khadka announces his resignation as captain

However, the good news was outlived when Nepal cricketer and captain Khadka announced his decision via social media platform. The cricketer took to his Twitter to make the announcement while congratulating the team for their recent accomplishment. The 31-year-old all-rounder declared his decision right after ICC lifted off the ban from Nepal cricket team.

This move could prove to be of great prospect regarding the future of the Nepal cricket. Nonetheless, the announcement made by Khadka had been surprising for the both the team and the nation.

Khadka has the record of winning three out of the six games from August 2018 till January 2019 as the captain. Whereas, under his lead the team has won total 11 games out of the 26 completed matches. And also, in the tri-series game in September, Khadka has been the lead scorer for his team with an unbeaten 106 runs. This had been Nepal’s first century in the international cricket.

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